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Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe it is 2013 and it is already the 2nd of January?  Where did the time go and why does it fly by so quickly? My little pumpkin is already two months!!!
Remember I got a cool gift for Christmas?  Well, I am having a ball playing with the different features.  I  have a pazzles and it can do a lot of what no other cutter can do but this Silhouette makes things easy and fast.  My card today has what it is called Print and Cut feature.  This feature allows you to print an image and cut accurately around the image.  About 11 years ago I bought clip art from a company DJ inkers and I found myself limited because I had to cut everything out.  Now I don't have to cut every little piece out, my Silhouette will do it for me.  It took all of 5 minutes.  Love it!
Started with air brushing the background with Copic markers.

You can see just how close my cutter can cut.

DJ Inkers clipart is so stinkin cute even after 11 years.

Come back tomorrow to visit me and see another card.  Have a creative day!

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