Dreams Come True

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a fantastic day. Well, I cannot believe it has been five days since the last time I have posted something. I am preparing for another baby shower and it has taken a lot my crafting time.

Every week my daughter is lucky to receive mail from her family and I get to make her card each week. Last weekend we went to see Beauty and Beast in 3D so I thought it would appropriate to make her a Belle card. If you have Dreams Come True then you are in luck. I made Belle in the CCR and you can download my copy of her. There is a Belle on the mat who is completely finished and one I am working on the side of the mat. Do manipulate the file for your needs.

Ok on to some other things...I was on the cricut website last night and someone mentioned that one of my cards made it on Cricut's Chirp (newsletter)!!! That is amazing! I am so thrilled someone chose my card. If you have been coming to visit me then you will know this card.
Here is the card again and here is the link if you would like to see it. Cricut Chirp January 17th
Enjoy your day!
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