Guess What???

Today's post is about my customers' thank you cards. We bought grab bags from Stampin Up and I wanted to give them a little thanks. This card is a 3x3 card using the accents from the Grab Bags.

On to different news, did I ever mention I am a tool junkie??? Yesterday Michael's one day ad had the Yudu Screen Printing system at the lowest price. When this came out a girlfriend and I were making shirt for some kids and I thought this machine would make my life easier right now. I wasn't going to pay $299 for it. So over the last two I watched and watched but not a good price until yesterday $99!!! I called all over town and they were sold out. I called one place and they had three. So of course I ask for them to put it on hold. This Michael's was clearly on the other side of town. I called one more maybe about 30 minutes away with traffic (it only 7 miles away from my house) and there was one more. I quickly asked the lady to place it on hold and I would drive 30 minutes to get it. When I purchasing the Yudu several phone calls came into Michael's asking about it. I was very proud of myself for calling in advance. I am hoping I can try things out this weekend. Hobby Lobby has shirts and bags on sale this week. Stop back by this weekend to see if there are any new projects. Also Michael's has cartridges on sale for 34.99 Enjoy!

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