Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I had a lot of fun today just hanging out with my family.  I hope you had a lot of fun.  
Let me first begin with a new change.  I have decided weeks ago that I was going to make some changes for my blog and I wanted to begin with a name change.  I thought this name was fresh and very cute.  This is the first of many changes to my blog.  I think you will like the updates.

I made this card about two weeks ago and I am now just posting this.  I found this attachment foot for my sewing machine and decided to give it a try 
Here is the front view of the card.  I love it when I find old cute paper in a drawer.

Here is the side view.

I have been wanting to make hooded towels for my girls for a long time.  

Cute bunny for big sis!

                                Have a great evening and I hope to see you back this week!

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