Count Your Blessings

Happy Monday!  Everyday we should be reminded to count our blessing and here is my start to my day.  
Walk in My Garden is a very old cartridge and I never look to use it for anything.  I'm not for sure why I purchased the cart in the first place. I also bought this stamp years ago and just used it this for the first time this weekend.  This is how things work around my craft room.  

I used copic markers to color the stamped image. I love to color and I should take a copic to learn more about the technique.  Ever time I think about going to the class I think I could use that $50 for more tools.  Of course I did use the Imagine to print a few embellishments.

Of course I did use the Imagine to print a few embellishments.
I thought the added ladybugs was a nice touch since the little girl has one in her hands.

I bought colored lacquer a couple of years ago to intensify my color die cuts and it amazing.  I cut these ladybugs at .50 inch from Walk in My Garden.

Another look at the beautiful colors.

What a cutie pie!

Enjoy and don't forget to count your blessings everyday!

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  1. Cute card and a great way to use those forgotten craft supplies.
    I just made four cards using a stamp set I forgot I had.
    A while back I challenged myself to use each cartridge at least once.
    I have an ongoing list only problem is the list keeps growing. lol.

    1. D- I tell you I have tons of things in this room that just sits. I know I should use it since I spent a lot of money. How did using all of your carts work? Did you accomplish your goal? Maybe I should try that. ;)

  2. awesome card love all the details


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