Dancing is the poetry of the feet

Last Black Friday Walmart had Twinkle Toes Premier and I was so desparate for the cartridge I sent my husband at midnight to brave the crowd to get his dear wife one. He got there and there were tons of women swarmed around the display. He was able to snag one for me. I am so lucky to have him!!! So you would think I have been using this cartridge for 7 months right??? Wrong! This is my first card using Twinkle Toes and I love it.
I was being very lazy and made a pattern on my Pazzles. So now when I want to make a diorama card I can press a button to cut. There are different recipes out there but you are interested in my recipe, please leave a comment.

I measured the front of the card to make the curtains. I wanted a multi layered curtain affect. When you look in there are rows and rows of curtain as though she is beginning to perform.
Since my daughter dances I tried to recreate the feelings into my card like the front pleated curtain. I took a 12x1 sheet of paper and pleated it all the way down and scallop with pearls. The paper is from My Digital Studio from Stampin Up. I printed a 12x12 sheet of designer paper.
The ballerina is cut at 2.5 with everything in proportioned to 2.5. I some special touches to the ballerina like a cute skirt and earrings.
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  1. This card is beautiful. I love it & the rest of your creations. I have become a follower & can't wait to see more.

  2. Oooh! that is so cute. I love pink so this card really caught my eye.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments and thanks for looking. :)

  4. Beautiful! As the mother of a dancer as well, this card just touched my heart. My 10 year old loved it too! You are an incredible talent


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