My Embroidery Story

Happy Saturday!  As promised I will share with you about my embroidery "stuff".  I became interested in embroidery maybe three years ago.  My hubby bought a machine that I thought was enough to get things done and let me say it was so much fun to use but something was missing.  With my first machine I was able to purchase downloadable embroidery files and stitch them out.  That became old really fast.  I looked around for software and OMG the prices were crazy.  I found one that had everything I needed to create files with clipart, true type font, and photo stitch. I got the software at very discounted price and I am so glad I did.  I look at the software now and I cannot believe how much it can add up.
I love this software!  I cannot wait to get the upgrade.

 Fast forward to this past Christmas, my hubby bought me an amazing upgrade.  I can do basically any size.  It can multi hoop, 6x10, or 4x4.  My machine is Singer XL 400.
A great machine!

Singer has upgraded software but remember I purchased Stitch and Sew two years ago and it works will all machines.  The nice thing about this machine I can design everything on my computer and send it to my machine through a usb.  Boy oh boy has the sewing industry changed.   
Things you want to have to embroidery...stabilizer, embroidery thread, designs, and basic sewing tools.
 If you have any other questions please leave me a comment or send an email to


  1. Thanks for posting this now I have something to show hubby for my wish list....have a fab weekend

  2. Thank you so much for posting the embroidery info. Do you think you can include "embroidery machine applique" tutorials along with your other crafts? I have two Singer embroidery machines. One is the Singer Futura Quartet that sounds a lot like your machine. Thanks again!


  3. Supper cute. When I saw the "M" shirt I thought how cool I want to do that. Hopping you had some cool trick where I didn't have to actually embroider. I see that isn't the case. I like to cut fabric but giving it that finished look isn't easy for me. Great job though.


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