I am sure some of you have been wondering about my new toy I had to make space for in my craft room. Santa bought me a new machine this winter and I love it. It has an extra large hoop so I can embroider tons of large items. My last machine only was a 4x4 and Santa felt I needed an upgrade. I got a chance to play around with this week since I was busy updating my machine and here is my first project. I cannot wait to try more. Speaking of updating... I have been trying to do updates on my cricut machines and it took forever. I think I spent more time last week trying to get things updated. I wanted to do more posting but nothing worked just quite right. I left my machines on over night trying to get things done and I believe Thursday everything worked. I glad things are working now. Come back tomorrow and I will demo a short tutorial on flowers.

Do you recognize this bird? It is from Create a Critter.
I made an applique on my new machine. Love it!

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